We are a family and community of extraordinary consultants with broad and deep experience in creating, developing, and deploying highly interactive virtual and digital training experiences, focusing on human connection in a digital world. Each of our consultants bring over 25 years’ experience to ensure your continued success. Radigan Associates understands the importance, and the need, for critical design thinking and instructional design for any business transformation initiative to be successful.  We respect our customers’ internal strengths and have significant expertise in staff augmentation.
At the most basic level, instructional design requires planning, clear requirements, design thinking, and measurement & analytics to meet human performance targets.   What most often gets missed is the Human Experience.  Instructional Design is more than just Training & Development. We believe solid instructional design translates to memorable experiences for learners and excites them to transform for the better. At Radigan and Associates our success is measured by exciting our learners to exceed personal goals and help their customers exceed business objectives.
We are uniquely equipped to provide staff augmentation that delivers engaging instructional design experiences, complex training project management, and people-centric facilitation – both classroom and virtual. 
For more information, please contact us at contact@radiganassociates.com.